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Glad you stopped by! We are two happily retired Vermonters who happened to visit the Azores and fell in love with Terceira. In fact, we liked it so much that we decided to buy a little stone house in the farming village of Feteira, about 4 miles away from Angra do Heroísmo. It is a quaint spot full of local color and character, which suits us just fine.

Since Randy speaks fair Portuguese, we are able to navigate more than the usual touristy places and events. Locals love it when a foreigner can speak to them in their native tongue and immediately open up in a more personal way. A musician, Randy is also making connections through his guitar, learning music that is grounded in the islands.

Vasco de Gama
Vasco de Gama

Peg, who’s spent her career in land use policy in Vermont, is entranced with another special place, Terceira, which is wisely protecting its most important assets: history, natural resources and people.

Our blog, www.azoresvisit.com, is our way of sharing our experiences. We can help with finding places to visit, restaurants, what to avoid, where stores are, renting a house or hotel, get first class dental care, and even help you to find out how to buy a house!

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