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February 3, 2023
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Portuguese With Carla

What is the best way to learn Portuguese? Good question –  though there is, of course, no easy answer. One thing for sure, it does not simply happen by itself! Funny how that works! Here is my review of Portuguese With Carla, from personal experience.


There are a number of good online programs available and I’ve used or am currently using most of them. The free videos you find on YouTube are great, but are not designed to lead you very far.

Portuguese With Carla is a fun and engaging, well-thought-out program that I highly recommend. Carla and her husband, Marlon, create little theatrical skits that are entertaining and have targeted teaching embedded.

Years ago I was part of the “beta” test of their program. It has evolved into a comprehensive approach with lots of user engagement features. 

It is now called “The Journey”, which is a great concept for language learning. My wife recently joined and is looking forward to making real progress. She used to watch the teaching videos with me and still refers to them as memorable Portuguese learning moments. Like the one on the plane where Carla pretends to be a chatty grandmother with the Englishman in the seat next to her. He doesn’t understand a word, but she keeps chatting away. So, this method obviously has sticking power!

Who is Portuguese with Carla for?

Simple answer: anyone. There is a program for complete beginners as well as intermediate and into advanced levels. 

There are many layers to the program, including feedback, graded “homework”, an active student forum, plus an option for live speaking with natives. They are not big on grammar (yay!) but refer to it when necessary. 

The grammar part reminds me of a friend of mine when we were both trying to learn Spanish in the Canary Islands. Sometimes we would go for walks along the shady beach and he would rattle off the various conjugations of verbs. He was impressive, until we went to get some lunch at a local restaurant. He actually couldn’t even order a meal or ask a simple question. I learned a lot from him.

I have found both Carla and Marlon quick to respond to emails (I ask a lot of questions), something I appreciate. They are sincere people and truly care about their students.

Considering the quality of the production and the breadth of the course I find the cost to be more than fair. As far as I can tell, Portuguese With Carla is their life’s work. So they are pouring their heart and soul into it, as opposed to a side-gig.

Check out “The Journey” movie trailer here.


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