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December 16, 2022
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Our journey to the Terceira, in the Azores, began with the fact that I, Randy, needed some serious dental work. In fact, I needed 6 dental implants! My local dentist informed me that it would cost approximately $4,000 for each implant and even more for the crowns to go into the implants! Yikes! So, with a possible $30k dental bill in mind I contacted my brother for advice. My brother was a long-time resident of Europe and had once told me of a curious industry in Hungary called “dental tourism”.

Hungary or The Azores… easy choice

I checked it out thoroughly and decided to get my implants done in Hungary for 1/4 the cost of a US plan. I discussed it with my local dentist and he was enthusiastically supportive, unlike my previous dentist, who mockingly suggested that the only good care was in the USA.

Just before we booked our flights to Hungary we got an email offer for an AzoresGetaway week – one of their super deals.I knew a bit about the islands from time I spent in Portugal years ago and, once we explored what we could find on Google, we thought Terceira sounded wonderful. Then I got the brilliant idea to check on the possibilities for dental tourism there.

Impressed with the clinic and staff

I looked online for dental tourism in Terceira and, sure enough, found Clínica da Sé. We exchanged emails and I scanned my dental x-rays to them. Their English is excellent. We agreed on a plan and, once we were in Angra do Heroísmo and settled, I visited the clinic, got the tour and interviewed the head oral surgeon.  My wife was so impressed she posted her photo of that bathroom home to friends and family…much nicer than the facilities at our Vermont dentist!


His credentials were astounding and the clinic is first-class. Yes, this is his photo. I was sold! We set up a treatment plan during that first visit. I now have my implants (yes, 6, done at the same time!) and am totally satisfied with everything, including the cost which is about 40% of US prices, with outstanding treatment.  My wife loved that the Clinic, pharmacies and hotel were all within shouting distance.

Yes, I would do it again. Like any dental implant procedure, it requires several stages. This means that you need to consider the time and expense of taking a weeks vacation in one of the last best places on Earth, on three different occasions.  My wife has started getting her teeth cleaned while we’re there. We love the place, and the health care opportunities

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