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December 16, 2022
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Like many tourists, we loved the islands and wondered if we could rent a house in the Azores. It didn’t take long for use to find a lovely house to buy for our own use and also to offer as a short-term rental.

In 2016 we bought a sweet little stone house on Terceira Island in the Azores. We loved this house, the neighbors and the old, rural nature of the area. Eventually we started sharing it with friends, family and soon, strangers as a short-term rental.

In 2022 we sold this little gem and upgraded to a nearby neighborhood called Serretinha. This area was always our favorite on the island because it has a micro-climate, is very quiet, and close to the ocean.

This micro-climate is well-known for enabling Serretinha to be sunny, while only 5 minutes away it is foggy. Our new house faces directly south, providing ideal exposure on the sunny days. We love lingering on the little deck on the front of the house in the evenings, just watching the birds, clouds and waves.

Another great feature of our house in Serretinha is the fact that it is much less humid than many other parts of the island. Mold and mildew are a constant problem for a lot of houses, fortunately the Villa Sea and Sky is virtually odor and mildew free.

Top pick to rent a house in the Azores

Truthfully, if I was looking to rent a house in the Azores, this place would be on the top of my list. It is spacious for a small house, clean and fresh inside, has a great view, is quiet and safe, has off-street parking, is close to the ocean and Angra, plus it is inexpensive!

You can find out more here

We have stayed in short-term rentals on São Miguel, Terceira, Pico Island, Faial, and Flores. Renting a house on all these islands is a simple matter of checking on Airbnb, Verbo, Home Away or using my preferred method, word of mouth. 

Of course you can’t always find a friend who can refer a house to rent on a remote island in the Azores, but, it is actually easier than you might imagine. Facebook is a great resource, as are travel guides.

Good things often happen once you put your desire into action. Sometimes the right people just appear in your life. Strange how that works.


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